About us

About us


Stellantix is the professional/social platform that will revolutionise the connections between Creators, Professionals and Fans.
Our social, composed of technicians and content creators of all genres, will allow them to monetise through their creativity and professionalism, developing unique relationships with their audience.
The team is made up of skilled programmers, creative graphic designers, web marketing experts and young startuppers focused on growing your professional profile.
Whether you are a young creator or a more traditional professional, it makes no difference to us; in fact, the company's mission is not to change your habits or ways of working, but to allow you to optimise even the simplest gesture.
This is to preserve your uniqueness by not distorting what you do, but giving you the possibility to do it in a different (alternative) way,




A unique space to share knowledge and innovations that guarantees you a reward for every action performed


This section is perfect for that type of professionals able to monetize their content and willing to support the project itself covering, simultaneously, also the figure of signalman

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It’s the segment for those who, spurred by a natural inclination to create content, would like to monetize this special know-how.

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Creator and Signaler

We cut out this precise space for those who feel in line with the project. Feeling so much part of it, to talk about it with other creators and officially become part of our STELLANTIX SHARING PROJECT

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