The market, that of the creator economy, is currently at 104.2 billion dollars and looks set to grow further


Terni, a new Social all Made in Italy

- Three young guys, or rather, three very young entrepreneurs dream of revolutionising the way of social networking in the world of the web3 -

We think that social networks, due to their structure, do not have the capacity to offer adequate spaces and are not structured for those seeking greater freedom of expression

comments Leonardo Barbaro, one of the company's CEOs.



According to their own business model, and thanks to the algorithm and structure of the platform, any type of Creator, Professional or Company could exploit the infinite opportunities that the social presents; all this in a market, that of the creator economy, which at the moment is around 104.2 billion dollars and would seem destined to grow further.


Photos, Videos, Live, Videochat, File.pdf and File.mp3; combine also a system for processing payments with a bit of creativity and you are ready to exploit, from a marketing point of view, one of the greatest levers of the 21st century; to give voice and weight to one's communities where every social and technological barrier is completely zeroed.




the basis for being a successful digital creator This is precisely why Stellantix was created: the result of the work of three very young entrepreneurs from Terni who want to change the modus operandi of monetisation platforms


Today, professionals and companies are called upon to acquire new skills and to appeal differently, with uniqueness, customer loyalty and community. There is a need to make people feel important and close to the Creator/Professional


tells us Luca Peruzzi, one of the guys involved in the web 3.0 project


The tools made available within the platform on which creators can rely for the development of their content are really many and are related to:


photo editing, audio editing, video editing, design, development, inspiration, training. So this is a game changer and turns upside down what has been done so far, especially since this platform has the peculiarity of being a kind of reverse social.

In the rest of the social networks, navigation is very free and this does not easily allow you to retain your customers or fans. Here, on the other hand, in order to see the content of the professional or company I am interested in, I will have to go inside their profile and I will only be able to see the selected profile without any other item referring to other profiles (such as the classic 'you might know' or 'you might discover').

So we can say that an alternative model of social network is proposed in which one of the cardinal principles is exclusivity.


A unique space to share knowledge and innovations that guarantees you a reward for every action performed


This section is perfect for that type of professionals able to monetize their content and willing to support the project itself covering, simultaneously, also the figure of signalman

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It’s the segment for those who, spurred by a natural inclination to create content, would like to monetize this special know-how.

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Creator and Signaler

We cut out this precise space for those who feel in line with the project. Feeling so much part of it, to talk about it with other creators and officially become part of our STELLANTIX SHARING PROJECT

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