Frequent Asking Questions


1. How do I access it?


For both fans and Creators, simply go to the creator's page, enter your mobile phone number and enter the pin you will receive on the number indicated, which acts as a password and is valid for 12 hours. Then when you log in after 12 hours, you will simply receive a new PIN.


2. Statistics


In the settings, for the creator, there is a special "statistics" entry, where the professional can find all the graphs relating to how many users have logged in, the days of greatest attendance, purchases made and so on.


3.  How do I know if my profile is receiving the visits I expected?


It's very simple, just copy the profile address (the one in the top bar nomescelto.stellantix.me), and paste it into your social channels (facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc...), choosing whether to put it in your bio, stories, posts etc...
The more you vehicle it, the more your followers will know where to find your best content.


4. How can I contact you for any additional information?


Supporting the creator is our priority. 
For specific requests please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or otherwise for any other questions, write us on our Instagram page (stellantix_official). We answer every day, at all hours.


5. What can I upload to the platform?

On your personal page, you will not have any imposed topics. You will be able to upload what you like and what would interest your audience the most. You can choose from these content categories: photos, videos, live with and without interaction, creation of unique and exclusive events, PDF and mp3. (#STAYTUNED for more news)


6. Why can't I search for other Creators/Professionals or other pages from the search bar at the top?

The Stellantix platform was created with the idea of providing the Creator with a completely personal space, a world to be freely customised at will. The search bar positioned at the top of the page is intended to find specific content within the Creator's page that the Fan has logged into.


7. What is the purpose of #Hashtags?

Hashtags help the user to quickly find content published by the Creator. Example: A photographer who has an account on Stellantix is travelling to Egypt for business purposes and decides to do a shooting at the pyramids. He then uploads the photos into the platform with the hashtag #Egypt2022. Fans entering the photographer's profile will be able to quickly find all the photos via the #.


8. How does the internal money box work?

It's very simple; by opening the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner, on the money box icon we will see our balance. If you want to increase your balance, just click on "RECHARGE" and a new tab will open. Once on the recharge page, select the desired amount, enter an email address to receive the invoice and click "INITIALISE": you will be redirected to a payment page. Finally, enter the details of a credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, PagoBancomat, etc.) in your possession and you will have your money box recharged.


9. Why is there a time-frame for uploading a post?

Thanks to this tool, the Creator can decide when the post will be loaded automatically and how long the post will be visible, thus giving the possibility to also ''schedule'' posts for automated loading and optimise his/her time.


10. Which types of professionals is Stellantix aimed at?

All of them. Our business model can be perfectly integrated into the core business of every professional: from digital creators to more traditional categories such as engineers, technicians, accountants, lawyers, etc. We are also addressed to the corporate market. We believe that we are versatile and able to offer solutions that are consistent and precise according to the professional reality we deal with.


11. Why the slogan #doitdifferent?

We think that one of the strong points of our company is to offer a versatile and, above all, supportive service to professionals. In fact, with our slogan, we want to point out that we do not want to replace or change the way you work, but rather to help you with your work in an alternative and original way.


12. How do I sign up?

On our website (www.stellantix.me), we have set up a section called "Join Stellantix" where, depending on the position you would like to fill, you can easily complete and sign the contract directly online. Please note that if there are any special requirements and/or specific situations, please contact us at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


13. What can I find in the "Join Stellantix" section?

Through the forms that can be filled out smartly online, you will find the possibility to subscribe to the three roles that you can play within Stellantix.
 • Creator: suitable for all types of professionals, from Content Creator to Companies;    
 • Signaler: for those who want to promote the Mission, the Vision and want to grow, professionally speaking, together with Stellantix;              
 • Creator-Signaler: for those who want to make their professional figure a perfect combination of content creator and, at the same time, Promoter of the project.


14. Why should a company choose to use Stellantix?

Because every company would have the possibility to create its own exclusive world, within the Stellantix panorama. The platform offers internal tools for support and coaching that specifically target every strategic area of the company itself. Obviously each entity has its own reality and different needs. For this purpose, our Support Team will be able to set, for each Professional and/or Company, the right strategy to integrate this powerful tool of ours into your Core Business, without affecting or modifying it.



It is the iconic name associated with our marketing plan. Including all percentages and remunerations for Professionals and Advertisers, issued on the basis of their work. If you want to know more, ask for information and/or explanations to those who told you about Stellantix or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


16. How do we protect your privacy?

Stellantix has kept in mind, from the very beginning, a very important issue nowadays: PRIVACY.
In fact, your phone number (whether you are a Creator or a Fan) will never be shown (obscured) to other users during navigation.


17. Why do you ask for a telephone number when logging in?

We wanted to be different in this respect too.
Therefore, compared to the usual, now obsolete password login, we have created the possibility of logging into the profiles of your favourite creators by entering the phone number and then the pincode; a model that is intuitive, fast and above all highly secure.

(SMALL TIP: For Creator, in the ''settings'' section of the profile, we recommend that you add a small note in the profile's presentation description, stating that there are no risks in entering the telephone number and that navigation will be safe precisely because of this parameter).


A unique space to share knowledge and innovations that guarantees you a reward for every action performed


This section is perfect for that type of professionals able to monetize their content and willing to support the project itself covering, simultaneously, also the figure of signalman

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It’s the segment for those who, spurred by a natural inclination to create content, would like to monetize this special know-how.

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Creator and Signaler

We cut out this precise space for those who feel in line with the project. Feeling so much part of it, to talk about it with other creators and officially become part of our STELLANTIX SHARING PROJECT

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