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This is a private contract, in duplicate, to be considered valid for all legal purposes
FRAWEB s.r.l. with registered office in Terni (Italy), 05100 in Via Lodovico Aminale 61, Tax Code and VAT Number 01271250556, in the name of its Legal Representative Viliam Peruzzi duly empowered, hereinafter called PROVIDER;


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henceforth referred to as "Signaller" with identification code 

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    A) Among other things, FRAWEB SRL carries out its activities in the web sector creating digital platforms designed to enhance networking relations for companies and professionals; 
    B) FRAWEB SRL. has created a platform called STELLANTIX addressed to general users (professionals);  
If the user has an access code, the STELLANTIX application allows him or her to interact with the system through a web browser from any location without installing any application on the PC; 
The aim of the platform is to allow all users provided with an access code to carry out the monetization of their content used by their followers. 
The Signaller is willing to interact with the STELLANTIX platform in order to promote the platform to further customers allowing them to interact directly and in full autonomy with FRAWEB. 
    C) The Signaller declares that he/she has received all the information concerning the system's operating and accessibility procedures

Having regard to the foregoing, the parties



Article 1 


The premises constitute an integral part of this document and shall be considered an essential element for its interpretation.  
Article 2 



The company FRAWEB SRL hereby undertakes to appoint

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as temporary customer recruiter. He/she will be looking for any kind of professionals on behalf of the company, establishing business contact between the company and the customer.
Article 3 


The Signaller, with his identification code, will be able to allow his contacts to choose and subsequently to subscribe to the STELLANTIX platform. 
Under no circumstances may the Signaller use the name of FRAWEB SRL other than for the purpose of stating the ownership of the STELLANTIX platform. 
Every cost related to booking operations shall be exclusively paid by the Signaller, who declares to have its own autonomous organization of means and personnel. 
Article 4 


The parties establish that FRAWEB SRL shall pay a fee for the activity carried out by the Signaller under this agreement. The fee will be calculated as a proportion of the amount invoiced by the Signaller and in accordance with the marketing plan attached to this agreement. 
The payment shall be made on the first day of each month by means of a bank transfer to the account specified below, pursuant to a regular invoice including VAT or an occasional receipt including the withholding tax.
Article 5 


The reporting activity referred to in this document is to be regarded as an autonomous activity. Accordingly, the Signaller undertakes all related operations with complete organizational autonomy. 
As a consequence, in no way, not even implicitly, may a representative and/or similar relationship be established between FRAWEB SRL and the Signaller, nor does FRAWEB SRL provide the Signaller with a guaranteed minimum compensation, indemnities or refunds.


 Article 7 


This 12-months fixed-term contract starts on the 1st of January and expires on the 31st of December of 2022. It shall be extended by tacit renewal for one year if the parties fail to terminate the contract.
It is given the right to both parties to terminate the contract with at least thirty days notice to be sent by registered mail with return receipt and/or Certifies mail (PEC) to the address of the other party. 
It should be noted that all commissions earned that have been sent during the aforementioned notice period, and for which the consequent transaction is concluded, will be settled according to the economic conditions established by this contract. 

Article 8 


All information transmitted by the Signaller to FRAWEB SRL, also in relation to third parties, will be managed and processed in compliance with privacy laws. 
All data management is exclusively used by FRAWEB SRL, which may transfer such data in case of cession of the STELLANTIX platform to third parties. 
The parties undertake to protect the confidential and private character of the information with the utmost diligence required. Furthermore, they guarantee that the same level of care will be exercised by all persons employed or advising them (including external consultants) who have access to the information for whatever reason.
Article 9 


This Agreement shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with Italian laws. 

Article 10 


Any communication concerning or completing this Agreement shall be valid if written and accepted by both Parties. 


Article 11 


Any dispute arising from the interpretation and/or execution of this contract shall be referred to the Court of Terni. 



The following table shows the monthly commissions of the business agent with the entered code.

The commissions will be calculated on the overall turnover of the referrals presented to the company FRAWEB SRL.

LEVELS ______________________________________________________________________FEES (in %)



1th LEVEL  ............................................................  5%

2th LEVEL .............................................................  2%

3th LEVEL .............................................................  1%


Specifying that if in any situation the Signaller presented any kind of commercial figure which only has a commercial function, the commissions of the Signaller X would go immediately to the next line (called in case SECOND LEVEL) unless the Signaller created monetizable content.


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*Note. Stellantix reserves the right to point out that, given the continuous evolution of the Market, the percentages of the Marketing Plan (Stellantix Sharing Project) may be subject to change.
These will always be oriented in favour of Creators and Companies, Signallers and Creator-Signallers and will be communicated to everyone well in advance.

Submit and agree with all these parts of Contract

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